Ivijan-Stefan Stipić

Professional Team Leader, Web Developer & Graphic Designer

About Ivijan-Stefan Stipić

BRIEF BIO: Ivijan-Stefan Stipic is a professional expert in internet technology and information systems with many years of experience. With a years of hard work he has achieved the status of expert in the field of web programming and social media. Following the increasingly demanding standards and the needs of its customers he achieved perfection in an object-oriented PHP programming, coding in HTML5 and CSS3 languages, advanced programming in JavaScript technology, particularly the jQuery platform with a combination of AJAX and SVG.

Over the yars, he become a part of global WordPress and PHP community. He is dedicated to help and training younger developers and designers to better understand new technologies. He is also expert in Google technologies:AdWords DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion), Analytics, AdSense, Geo Targeting, Mapping and many more.

FULL BIO: Since elementary school I was interested in electronics and computers. I got my engineer degree is Subotica (Serbia) in the field of energetics. Along with my education I began to deal with programming and these were the beginnings of my internet business. I started with a small HTML pages and there mastered HTML and CSS. Since it wasn't enough for the needs of a dynamic presentations I start to learn PHP and JavaScript. And that's how I started to develop various modular CMS systems.

In the past I made many of web sites, blogs, forums, modules, themes, plugins and various applications. I am following all the newest technology and tricks in how to make the best solutions. And 11 years ago I developed my own open-source framework that will satisfy all the needs of a PHP developer. It's easy, fast and completely secure. I gathered all the information for a possible problems and made a solutions with my own system. I made a core that is adaptable to every PHP solution. It easily adapts to new versions and follow the latest trends. Data encryption is unique and impossible to break through and only core owner can change, add or delete files and data. Injections and hacking attempts are not possible because system has a firewall with a database of more than 250.000 spam IP addresses and it blocks them. This core is modular and is very easy for developers to add or create new plugins. Currently there are 468 plugins that I made for this CMS system. I have plugins for jQuery, Bootstrap, InfusionSoft, MailChimp, SSO's (Single Sign-On) social plugins (for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+), social sharing, secure file uploading, video-audio galleries, search plugins, etc.

In addition to programming, I educating young people - the future developers and designers. I'm trying to convey my experience to younger generations to be able to follow technology, development and internet marketing. I try to give them opportunities to get a job on IT sector or to become independent entrepreneurs or freelancers. Today you need any help in this business and you succeed only if you have a good mentor or teacher.
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